Friday, February 29, 2008

Media Pitch 1

Dear Mr. Mike Jones I am writing to inform you about a new association in town that is trying to help people find a job doing what they love. Cache Valley Area Investors is helping people learn how to manage money and become financially independent.

CVAI is trying to help people learn the tools necessary for them to become financially independent. The way this is done is by getting there passive income high. Once they acquire this higher income level they can go beyond living pay check to pay check and can start investing there excess money in different opportunities. This not only helps the person out but it also helps the businesses and areas where there money is invested.

After they develop an investment plan they can then live off the benefits of their investment and can therefore find a job which they will enjoy doing. CVAI would love o be able to help the local community learn these tools. If you would like to interview Preston Parker the President of the Association I would be glad to set one up with you. If you have any other questions or would like some additional materials please contact me.

Joseph Kimpel PR. Representative
Cache Valley Area Investors Association
Cache Chamber of Commerce
160 N. Main St.
Logan UT, 84321

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