Thursday, January 24, 2008

Press Release 1 Final

Release Date: Jan 23, 2008

Jan 22, 2008

Company using creative ways to try to solve housing market problem

ABC Real Estate123 Creative Way, Logan UT 84341

Logan UT

ABC Real Estate LLC is changing how the house-purchasing program in Logan works. President of ABC Real Estate Bret Cob, who was mentored on this unique real estate business in California. Has come to Utah, with the knowlege of directed equity-holding land trusts to allow lower income families the ability to purchase a home. ABC Real Estate will find for them an investor to supply the down payment. They also will find a credit beneficiary who would allow the homebuyer to use their credit history to purchase the home. Both of these investors would then be paid back using a portion of the monthly trust contributions the buyer is paying. To Guarantee the beneficiary credit is not hurt if payments ceases ABC will have two months of payments for the house set aside.

The President of ABC Real Estate believes "This is a major part of the solution to the housing market." The wealthy have always used land trusts and ABC Real Estate is bringing those same benefits to the lower and middle classes. Along with this the purchaser will also be improving their credit by creating a good payment history. ABC Real Estate was started in Aug 2007 It was founded in Draper, UT and has a hub in Logan, UT.

Anyone interested in joining or using this program can contact Joe Kimpel public relations advisor for ABC Real Estate at 435-555-1981