Friday, March 7, 2008

Press release 4 final

Release Date March Immediately

Date March 7, 2008

Local Dental Assistant is making dentist visits fun

Small Smiles Pediatric Dentistry
1300 N 200 E # 102
Logan, UT 84341
(435) 792-3033

Dr. Doug Fryer is concerned about how many kids are able to get quality Dental care. Only 76% of kids see a dentist each year while over 50% of kids age five through nine had at least one filling and many of these kids have had more.

These statistics disturb Dr. Doug. He feels many of these kids go without Dental care until it turns into a problem and they are in pain. Doug Fryer schedules one day a week to go to the hospital to work on kids teeth under general anesthesia. Dr. Doug states, “The amount cavities on baby teeth could be greatly reduced if kids and their parents, practiced good oral care every day, avoided some problem foods, and see the dentist regularly.”

Melody Fryer is the Office Manager and Doug’s wife. She recalls as a kid hating to go to the dentist. She does not want any kids to hate coming to her office. Small Smiles accomplishes this by having a fun energetic staff. Melody makes sure all the employees are excited to come to work. “They must go out and have fun with the kids” whether this involves helping them jump onto the Siesta Sacks, or a squirt gun fight. Melody says “We want them to have fun so that they will get into the habit of attending the dentist regularly.”

The society of pediatric dentist states that when a child is able to handle a steak knife safely they have the manual dexterity to brush their teeth effectively. Small children and even some kids up to eight can’t brush all the surfaces of their teeth, so a parent needs to get in there and help them brush. Flossing between baby molars is also a concern. Enamel on baby teeth is paper thin, we need to protect these teeth and the way to do that is flossing every day. Remember a tooth brush and water should be the last thing in a child’s mouth before they go to bed.

Some cavities can be avoided if kids are able to choose healthy snacks during the day and before bed time, a low acid food like an apple or some cheese is best, while soda and sticky candy should be avoided. It is recommended that everyone goes to see the Dentist every six months. Kids are no exception to this rule. If they have a cavity it is small and we can avoid any tooth aches.

Kids say they enjoy going to visit Dr. Doug because it’s happy and is painted colorfully. They also enjoy how the staff plays with them. Small Smiles is dedicated to children and their oral Health.